Hiddensnakehands' Suzuka Tv Review

Rated: 7

As true with any other quality high school romance story, it is the characters which help determine the quality of the anime. And in this particular anime, we have a utterly appearling, quiet and athletic female in Asahina and a kind of dumb-ass but responsible male in Yamato, I would say this is a pretty good combination.
This anime also seems to be a more serious more real version of Love Hina, for example, there are no KungFU, no Mecha and stuff like these. What it does include is a touch of sports anime element, in the sense of quite close to any works created by the mangaka Adachi Mitsuru, like Touch or H2.

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Hiddensnakehands' Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Tv Review

Rated: 8

Obviously, with the constant and the frequency of blood spitting in the series, it would be wise to set an age requirement on the anime. Although the theme of the anime seems to be pretty light hearted, you would get gross at certain points of the anime, such as the time when angels develop malaria when their circle get removed, or scenes of scenes of seeing Sakura getting clubbed to death by the Excaliborg. So I would say, it is pretty much a Japanese only anime, there is no way it would come to the US market.
Through four episodes, the series seemed to be entertaining me greatly mainly because of the weirdness of the show, even though I am not an Ecchi type fan. However, the anime lacks severe character development as some of the other ones such as Naruto.

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Hiddensnakehands' Monster Tv Review

Rated: 7

The anime is based on the manga.
Overall, because of the theme of this anime, it is pretty serious. It is good and a nice anime if you watch it like one episode a day, but if you are like me, watching like several episodes back to back, (on this issue, i do not blame me, i blame the fansub groups, anime-kraze and anime-keep) for releasing 4 or 5 episodes at once in a short period of time. The story gets somewhat gruesome and dark, it is actually i would say suited more for a TV documentary than for an anime.
Theres little humor in all the episodes i have seen, maybe when you see like surprise murderers, it is not going to be very fun. Also the story is presented in the way in which it kind of drags. some episodes are not very much needed.

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